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Demo for GOOSE Inspector with Siemens Application Monitor (SAM)

Thank you very much for your interest in our program GOOSE Inspector. We ask for your kind understanding that the demo version is subject to the following restrictions:

  • After 3 minutes of online operation, the program automatically goes offline and terminates the recording.
    To start a new recording, a restart of the program is required.
  • Neither data nor settings can be saved or exported.
  • When reading in a configuration file (SCD or ICD), approximately 40% of the IEDs and 40% of the remaining GOOSE are suppressed by means of a random function. This means that only a limited number of IEDs and GOOSE will be available for test purposes. The representation in the SCD Viewer and in the Siemens Application Monitor (SAM) is restricted accordingly. About 65% of all GOOSE messages are processed as if they were not included in the configuration file. In order to be able to load another configuration file, a restart of the program is required.

Initial Test with Demo Data

If it is not possible for you to record data, you can perform an initial test using demo data. The demo.scd and demo.lg6 files are available in the program directory of GOOSE Inspector. Since the demo.scd file is subject to the restrictions described above, it might be necessary to load the file several times in order to be able to view an IED and GOOSE messages in the SCD Viewer or the Siemens Application Monitor (SAM). As a next step, you can now load the demo.lg6 file.

Exclusion of liability

We are not liable for any kind of loss or damage which results from the download, installation and use of the free demo version of GOOSE Inspector. If you disagree with the exclusion of liability you are not allowed to download, install and use the demo version of GOOSE Inspector.

Download GOOSE Inspector (9,9 MB)


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